Shepherding Kids Through Challenging Times (Free Guide)

March 23, 2020

Pastors and leaders, I have watched many colleagues scramble to try to find a way to provide services for their kids in the midst of this season of social distancing. But not only do only a few of us have the resources to do this, I firmly believe this is an opportunity to equip the sheep to be the shepherds.

Parents, while our churches work hard to find innovative ways to still be the church, this is also an opportunity to continue to equip you, as parents, to the shepherds for your flock, at home.

We all have 3 groups to consider in this current climate of discipling kids:

1. The kids (the lambs)

2. The parents (the sheep)

3. The church (the shepherds)

The truth matters as we navigate tricky conversations, but so does good editing. Meaning, how we tell the truth matters differently for each group.

I’ve made two resource guides for Parents and Pastors/Leaders to help you shepherd kids through this challenging time. Included are practical tools to help you build the family toolbox, at the household or broader church level.

If your family uses these tools, would you tag me on social media (@christieworden)? I’d love to see the ways you are connecting and growing in discipleship through this time.

Stay tuned for activities and more from me in the coming weeks. WMB families can catch me and other KidMin leaders LIVE on Facebook with activities, encouragement, and Sunday morning content for you and your littles at

To read my thoughts on our response to COVID-19 from earlier this week head over to


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