Note to Self, You’re Not Too Much.

  1. Karen Penner says:

    Your “ muchness” in so many ways challenged your mother. When she thought your dramatically loud voice would offend others, she prayed, “Please God use this voice for your glory.” I pictured my little girl as a singer, a dramatist, a strong leader, but never did it occur to me that you would preach. You always rejected my suggestion that you become a teacher. And yet here you are.
    God knew exactly the journey you would take in order for your creator to use your much talent and voice. Your writing has never failed you and you’ve written from the bottom of your dedicated heart.
    I picture you at eleven sitting in big people church and taking notes or sitting with adults in a breakout session at a conference.
    You were knit well and you took the path you needed to. Press on Dear One to the calling of Christ.

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