It was a beautiful afternoon, late in June–the kind of afternoon that is filled with the promise of summer and a heat only the July sun to come would offer. I sat with the sun on my face, listening to the casual conversation of my colleagues in our outdoor meeting when my phone rang.  I […]

8 Reasons You Can’t Live without Sabbath

The truth matters as we navigate tricky conversations, but so does good editing. Meaning, how we tell the truth matters differently for each group […]

Shepherding Kids Through Challenging Times (Free Guide)

Dear self, You’ve been told for as long as you can remember (literally) that you’re too much. You’re not even sure what that means but you know it’s not kind. You know it means that in your fullest iteration, you are not accepted. A diluted, sanitized, smaller, quieter version of you is more desirable, even […]

Note to Self, You’re Not Too Much.